USA 13-0 Thailand: USWNT feels right at home in France with record-setting night behind a partisan audience in Reims

USA 13-0 Thailand: USWNT feels right at home in France with record-setting night behind a partisan audience in Reims

Tuesday night’s match was far from aggressive, but the large number of American enthusiasts bodes well for its team since the World Cup goes on

The chants started before the match began and lasted throughout. They emanated from each part of the Stade Auguste-Delaune in Reims.  


You would be forgiven for forgetting occasionally that Tuesday night’s U.S. women’s nationwide team World Cup opener against Thailand happened in France rather than in Florida.  

The match itself was, as expected, extremely uncompetitive. The USWNT had its own way into each stage of the game and ripped the overmatched Thai squad aside.  

Alex Morgan played with a remarkable five goals and 2 USWNT players, Rose Lavelle and Sam Mewis, scored two goals since the U.S. ruined their competitors 13-0 to receive their own World Cup defense off to some record-setting ideal beginning.  

It had been the biggest win in World Cup history, men’s or women’s. 

Obviously this thrilled the audience of American fans, who’d been filing into Reims and livening up town centre in the early portion of the day.  

“Beautiful turnout,” midfielder Sam Mewis stated following the match. “There happen to be lovers throughout our resort. It has been wonderful to see people coming outside, young women coming out.

“Just seeing folks cheer for us is exciting, it makes us happy and that is the reason why we play.”

The U.S., clearly, could have won Tuesday night’s match was played before a house audience, a neutral audience, or a scene full of 100,000 yelling Thailand fans. However, Tuesday night’s match could portend something quite critical for the U.S. since the World Cup proceeds along with the opponents get harder. 

Buoyed from the World Cup fever that ignites the country whenever the men’s or women’s team is playing a role, the United States will have by far more enthusiasts in France than some non-French nation.  

Last week, FIFA stated they had allocated nearly all tickets to the championship — 460,748 — to French taxpayers. Then, more tickets have been allocated to Americans — 130,905 — compared to the rest of the planet united. England ranked third using 29,307 tickets allocated.  

Meaning that for the completely of the World Cup — together with the very notable exception of almost any match against France, the USWNT’s potential quarterfinal competition — that the U.S. will appreciate an important home-field advantage.

“The longer we can get from the audience, the better,” U.S. head coach Jill Ellis said in her post-match media conference. “The audience was amazing tonight, fantastic turnout. 

“The American lovers have traveled nicely from what I know. I believe that it’s enormous. The players wish to play before the parents, their loved ones members and friends but to play before a bunch that may get behind you’re part of the game and it is vital so I am eager to find that the U.S. lovers turn out”

On Tuesday night, the USWNT’s benefit was easily apparent, as it had been four decades back in Canada.  

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The USWNT played facing profoundly pro-American audience in all seven games from the 2015 World Cup, since lots of fans left the relatively short travel into their neighboring state to the northwest.

That service functioned as a huge increase since the U.S. raised the World Cup for the first time because the 1999 World Cup — a championship that occurred in the USA and, of course, was fraught with partisan audiences.  

On Tuesday night, their home-field benefit was not actually needed. Since the tournament belongs on however it very well may be. 

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