‘Salah is currently on our side’ – Klopp urges Liverpool fans to overlook 2014 slide against Chelsea

‘Salah is currently on our side’ – Klopp urges Liverpool fans to overlook 2014 slide against Chelsea

The Reds manager states there are only a few similarities between the notorious defeat and this weekend’s clash with the Blues

Jurgen Klopp advocated Liverpool fans to not be worried about the notorious 2014 defeat to Chelsea as the Reds prepare to deal with the Blues again as a portion of some other title chase.

Liverpool were leading the charge for the Premier League title going into the last few games since they confronted Chelsea on April 27.

The Reds were defeated 2-0 by Chelsea on that afternoon at Anfield, with Demba Ba and Willian scoring on per day headlined by Steven Gerrard’s infamous slide.

As a consequence, Manchester City went on to assert the name in what had been Liverpool’s best-ever pursuit of a Premier League crown.

Of those players who took the area that day, just copy goalkeeper Simon Mignolet and forwards Daniel Sturridge stay for Liverpool, while Mohamed Salah began for Chelsea and is currently an integral part of the Liverpool attack.

In the middle of a name chase again this year, Klopp, that has substituted Brendan Rodgers because notorious game, says that he is not worried about a reduction that preceded him and a lot of his players since his existing group seems to maintain the struggle with Manchester City yet again.

“I am not sure it is in anyone’s head except yours! I didn’t believe for a moment about it, I learned about it. If the fans discuss it, I will tell them to dismiss it,” Klopp said.

“It is not anything to do with us, it is a totally new story. Things occur once in a life, sometimes double, sometimes not.

“It is all about the sport on Sunday and that is it. I really don’t understand the amount of Chelsea players have been involved Sunday? Mohamed Salah is currently on our side!

“Just the colors and the titles of those teams will be exactly the same, pretty much. I’m completely confident about the sport. I understand we need to work very difficult for the outcome, but I enjoyed the match on Tuesday night, the design, the direction we’d.

“We demonstrated we’re in great shape, as we need to be since we’ve very large goals. That is what we must show again.

“Anyone who wishes to speak to some of my players about what happened years before, do not do it! We would like to write our history, and if you do this you could construct on the advantages of the past, ignore the downsides of the past and learn from the errors of yesteryear.

“We must do it favorably, front-foot, how we did the entire season.”

As for Chelsea, the Blues have been in the middle of their pursuit because the club looks to fasten top four beneath Maurizio Sarri.

The team now sit in third place, two things over Tottenham and three factors over Arsenal having played with an excess match.

And Chelsea, new off a 1-0 triumph over Slavia Prague from the Europa League, will offer a large threat for Liverpool, a team that must keep winning to keep pace with Man City.

“They’re in a excellent moment, that’s the most crucial thing for me to understand. We had two chances to see them , against West Ham and Prague,” Klopp said.

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“They can make seven changes involving the matches and win, break a whole lot of players. Chelsea are in great shape, Hazard is in quite good form. It is a huge game for us, rather than a simple one.

“But come on, we’re in great shape too. It is Anfield and that I said it a couple of times, we must produce the ability of Anfield and use it . I am rather pleased with our fans, how they coped with everything.

“We developed collectively and this is a fantastic moment to reveal all of the improvement we created, and utilize the positive vibes and vitality. We have just large matches, but that is the only one we perform with this weekend and it is against a really good side. We are in need of all our tools to acquire it. That is obviously the goal.”

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