Racism in football: Son Heung-min admits receiving racist abuse throughout period in Tottenham

Racism in football: Son Heung-min admits receiving racist abuse throughout period in Tottenham

The Spurs and South Korea celebrity has spoken out regarding the dilemma of racism at football, confessing he also has been targeted because moving to England

Tottenham celebrity Son Heung-min says he’s become the victim of racism whilst acting in England and believes it’s better to not respond to this abusers.

Son’s Spurs team-partner Danny Rose said last week that he”can not wait to find that the spine” of football because of a lack of activity from governments to tackle problem of racist abuse.

Rose was talking after he was allegedly subjected to taunts throughout England’s Euro 2020 qualifying win over Montenegro in March.

His England team-partner Raheem Sterling, who had been mistreated by a Chelsea fan in Manchester City’s Premier League defeat at Stamford Bridge in November, has spoken from the issue on a range of events this year, most recently after Juventus’ Moise Kean was supposedly targeted by Cagliari fans a week.

Son, who’s performed in England since linking Spurs out of Bayer Leverkusen at 2015, admits he’s also been exposed to abuse but the issue it isn’t regularly discussed one of the playing group.

“We are discussing a couple of times,” he told a news conference on Monday before Spurs’ Champions League quarter-final initial leg with City. “I have had racism too since playing England. I believe that the best response is do not respond to anything.

“We are playing football as an individual. It doesn’t matter which nation you come from. We play one game. We ought to protect the players that get racism and struggle collectively. I believe that is most important.

“We are not speaking about these items [in the dressing room] since in the event that you ask the players, perhaps they do not wish to discuss it. If Danny comes to us, then naturally we attempt to help.

“As a participant, you should guard yourself and help your own team-mates. We ought to fight . We perform another team too, but we are the very same footballers, same people, and we need to fight collectively for these items.”

Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino believes the issue goes far past football, stating players have the benefit of being able to utilize their public platform to speak out from abusers.

“I think that it’s a really delicate situation,” he explained. “It is not simple. It is very private how you are feeling, your emotion, the way you handle your own emotion. We are trying to assist him and everybody who can think emotion of being mistreated, and naturally it is something we’re fighting together to attempt and stop.

“It occurred exactly the same when I was a participant. Once I was in Argentina, France, Spain, it is not a new issue. It is true it now occurs less since we are all fighting 30 years back it occurred in Argentina with team-mates, in Spain, in France, it is not just that Danny’s endured.

“It occurs with individuals on the road. Me and you, we do not understand what happened . That is why we must prevent it . It is not just in football, it is in various locations. That’s what is much more painful – that the men and women who can’t move and say,’I feel awful since people despise me because I am different’.

“Danny and Raheem possess the potential, as they’re famous individuals, to denounce it. Just how many men and women are there outside who will say , can just go home and yell? I advised you, previously, it’s a thing I despise, and I shall do everything to attempt and stop it”

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