Premier League statement states all clubs from Champions League revamp plans

Premier League statement states all clubs from Champions League revamp plans

All English top flight teams have important concerns regarding adjustment to the arrangement of Europe’s marquee club contest

The Premier League has published a statement promising all 20 clubs have been against proposed changes to the Champions League.

Strategies for the expansion of the group point, possibly from six to 14 matches, resulting in fittings being staged at evenings, have been discussed with the European Club Association (ECA).

It’s also been indicated qualification could be limited to nightclubs having a background of European victory, instead of by finishing in the top four of the Premier League.

In a rare move, the Premier League published an announcement on Friday putting out teams’ concerns regarding the ECA’s planned revamp to its contest.

“All 20 Premier League clubs now discussed their important concerns regarding reported suggestions for altering the format and eligibility criteria of UEFA club competitions in year 2024-25,” said the announcement.

“All clubs agreed it’s improper for European football bodies to make plans that would change the constructions, calendar and validity of the national game and will work together to guard the Premier League. 

“In England, football plays an significant part in our culture and everyday life. Countless fans attend games throughout the nation, together with allegiances and neighborhood rivalries frequently passed down through generations.

“We’ve got an excellent mixture of aggressive football and dedicated fans that we’ll vigorously defend.  The structures of national football are decided by their respective national institutions.

“We shall now use the Football Association and other championships to make sure that European football bodies comprehend the significance of this, and also their commitment to keep the health and sustainability of national league football.”

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Four Premier League clubs – Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham – are at the quarter-finals of the year’s Champions League.

There’s sure to be one top-flight representative from England from the semi-finals also, as City and Spurs face each other at the previous eight.

Neither City nor Spurs have emerged from the semi-finals of this contest earlier.

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