Premier League News: Vincent Kompany sees no limit to Manchester City and Liverpool dominance

Premier League News: Vincent Kompany sees no limit to Manchester City and Liverpool dominance

The protector sees no fractures at the teams that finished second and first last year and believes it might be years until they are unseated

Vincent Kompany believes that his former club Manchester City and competitions Liverpool will dominate the landscape at the Premier League for quite a while.

The teams finished first and second with Kompany the team captain who direct City to another consecutive title on 98 points, together with the Reds only behind on 97. Third-placed Chelsea were 25 factors behind Liverpool.

The season prior to the Blues had gathered 100 points, a Premier League record, together with the 2 clubs tallies last year moment and third-most.

They are second and first this year, together with Liverpool the only facet in England unbeaten, and four points clear from Leicester City in third.

Kompany, who abandoned City to become player-coach in Anderlecht this summer, does not see any limit to the duo’s dominance.

“My view is that, in the present time, it is very hard for many other clubs to compete since Liverpool and City are well-oiled machines,” he explained, following his testimonial game on Wednesday.

“Every participant knows what to do. I feel these men are there to remain along with the other ones might need to improve quickly or that gap will stay.

“It appears that if they don’t possess a fantastic day, it is still a cozy game and there are not many teams lately who have been in a position to have comfy games in the Premier League.

“These two teams are so very good at nullifying the threat from another teams, I do not find another teams being in a position to do this however.

“City and Liverpool have a massive quantity of matches that you may expect them to acquire which gives them a huge advantage in regards to entire league tables”

Kompany, that logged 360 matches in 11 years in Manchester, does identify a danger to this duopoly.

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What’ll stress the teams from the pursuing pack is that he does not find it coming from outside, as the Belgium global believes that just complacency can violate the 2 clubs.

“All I am saying is it is the fact of those two teams,” he travelled on. “I think anyone could recognise they are beforehand, but nothing is given or granted.

“If some of them fall their attention for a single piece, the tables may turn, but that I simply don’t find any cracks”

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