‘Phil Neville is correct’ – Fara Williams backs calls for women’s games to be staged at large Premier League grounds

‘Phil Neville is correct’ – Fara Williams backs calls for women’s games to be staged at large Premier League grounds

Record attendances are hit across Europe lately and English clubs are encouraged to follow the lead of the continental counterparts

England’s most-capped global Fara Williams has endorsed calls from her federal team boss Phil Neville urging top Premier League clubs to point women’s matches in their home stadiums.

Talking exclusively to Target , Williams affirmed the proposal of England boss Neville for girls to be given the opportunity to play with on a number of the greatest stages in football, together with bumper crowds at games throughout Europe in recent months highlighting the rise of the women’s match.

“You can find several teams, the large teams, who’ve to open their large stadiums and fulfill it,” said Neville. “Let us blow off the remainder of Europe away since I believe that the game in this nation is in a much better location than what it’s in Spain or in Italy.

“If Man United or Arsenal win the league, throw your arena into the name parties. Champions League match for Chelsea – why not play with it in Stamford Bridge? Get 30,000 or 40,000.

“My players are in the level where our large clubs’ve to start their stadiums. That is my perception with watched Bilbao, Atletico or Juventus. They have done it, now let us see us do it a couple times prior to the conclusion of the year”

Today Williams has thrown her financing supporting Neville’s remarks, as she considers the women’s game is prepared to go into another level.

“If you’d asked me five years ago if the match could be in the location where it’s currently, I’d certainly have said no,” she informed Target . “It is fantastic to see that the expansion, both in participation levels and networking policy, in addition to with all the sponsorship deals which are coming to the women’s game today.

“Signing a multi-million pound deal with Barclays to host the Women’s Super League was proof the women’s match is on that the up and large businesses wish to get involved.

“Today we ought to look to begin playing women’s games in the large Premier League grounds. Phil Neville is about that and someone of the stature saying that can make it happen.

“Look in the attendances in the past couple of months and there are some extraordinary sights. We’ve observed a game between Atletico Madrid v Barcelona played before a crowd in excess of 60,000, Lyon had a large crowd because of their Champions League match against Wolfsburg and Juventus sold their stadium to get a women’s match. 

“It’d be good to see Chelsea’s women’s team enjoying with a match at Stamford Bridge or Tottenham playing in their new arena. It seems just like the women’s match is prepared for this today.”

Williams went on to indicate the existence of former England internationals Rachel Brown-Finnis and Alex Scott possess on that the punditry panels for best men’s Premier League matches this year is assisting reflect the women’s match in a favorable light, although the duo appreciated their remarks on high profile men’s games would bring criticism.

“Seeing Alex and Rachel called pundits from the men’s match demonstrates that doors are opening and you will find chances for girls to become involved with the match in areas we haven’t seen before,” she adds.

“They knew that there are some folks who did not want them and might not be shy in letting them know about it, but Alex and Rachel were eager to step forward and they had been courageous to do this.

“They’re being hired to present their experience on the match, from their view as ex-players. Their sex, the color of the skin, their heritage isn’t a factor when you’re becoming a football pundit and that’s where we would like to reach.

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“They’re placing themselves at that high profile position and need to be prepared to take care of everything that goes with it. That’s equality. We are in need of everybody to be tagged as pundits rather than have a star beside their title to make them distinct if they’re female or male. When that occurs, we’ll have had a significant breakthrough.

“That is an environment that’s been male-only so much, so some barriers have been broken down. You have to be courageous, for a powerful person and be ready to accept criticism.”

The BT Sport Pub Cup will go back for its third season in May and now the championship is set to become larger than ever – with 190 men’s and women’s bar football teams to compete in Premier League grounds.

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