Neymar news:’nobody had a issue with him’ – Moussa Diaby jumps to PSG celebrity’s defence

Neymar news:’nobody had a issue with him’ – Moussa Diaby jumps to PSG celebrity’s defence

The club’s prior winger asserts that a good deal of what is written concerning the Brazilian would be”crap”, labelling his older team-partner as a”normal man”

Former Paris Saint-Germain kid Moussa Diaby has defended Neymar amid criticism over his mindset as well as celebrity standing at Parc des Princes, insisting”nobody had a problem” with the Brazilian throughout his time in the club.

Neymar finished a $222 million (Number 200m/$249m) change from Barcelona into PSG in 2017, getting the world’s most expensive player.

There was a suggestion the attacker wanted to step from the shadow of Lionel Messi so as to win the Ballon d’Or, but his time in France was blighted with a series of severe injuries.

Neymar has yet to complete a complete year at PSG, together with metatarsal accidents limiting his period on the pitch to get Thomas Tuchel’s side.

The 27-year-old’s mindset has also been called into question on a range of events, resulting in new rumours over a potential return to Barcelona through summer time transfer window.

Diaby, who abandoned PSG to combine Bayer Leverkusen at June, asserts Neymar is the casualty of lots of unfair conclusion over the media.

The 20-year old advised Target and SPOX:”I fulfilled Neymar as a regular man. He didn’t demonstrate any celebrity and didn’t wish to kick each ball on the pitch. He occasionally gave advice to young players.

“You can see he has a great deal of expertise, but he treated everybody the identical manner. Nobody had a issue with him.

“I don’t feel he has come to be another individual on the pitch. Obviously, a whole lot is written and spoken about him, however there’s obviously a portion of it that is a great deal of crap.

“How do you judge him as someone in the event that you just see from the exterior?”

When requested to handle reports of clashes between old and young players in PSG, Diaby also reacted :”No. There was a fantastic mood from the locker area and we laughed a lot together. There was no debate in this aspect.

“If the knowledgeable players speak to the younger onesthey listen and attempt to take the advice. I never found that among the boys didn’t wish to listen”

Neymar was convicted for his actions following PSG were defeated from the French Cup final by Rennes back in April, after associating with a buff when moving up to collect his own runners-up medal.

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The Brazil international allegedly also singled out several younger players within the group for criticism following the game, however, Diaby was unwilling to be drawn on any speculation.

“I have learned that, but I cannot remark on it since I don’t know who he meant precisely and exactly what message he wished to ship out,” he added. 

“I understand that I am a young player, but I don’t think he would always speak about me. That is why I can’t and don’t wish to remark on that.”

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