Manchester City news: Pep Guardiola hails’significant’ win over Tottenham in tight Premier League title race

Manchester City news: Pep Guardiola hails’significant’ win over Tottenham in tight Premier League title race

The 1-0 victory over Spurs signifies that if City win their remaining four matches that they will recover their Premier League crown

Manchester City director Pep Guardiola hailed the value of his side’s 1-0 win over Tottenham as significant in a name race where his side”can’t shed points”

City’s victory moved them back to the peak of the table and signifies Liverpool should pick up three points Sunday from Cardiff City when they are supposed to complete the weekend in the league’s summit.

The reigning Premier League winners also slipped back in their agonising Champions League exit on Wednesday night, when Raheem Sterling’s late attack appeared to have secured a place from the semi-finals, just for it to be phased out for offside as a result of VAR.

But, Guardiola’s head was just on domestic things in the Etihad on Saturday and commended the squad due to their functionality in a match he considers could have cost them the Premier League had they dropped.

“[It was] significant for the race to the Premier League,” Guardiola informed Sky Sports

“We all know we can’t fall things. It was tight, so they had more opportunities than the past two matches. After defeat on Wednesday that the previous two times were tough.

“We arrived back with this sun, the attempt of these players was unbelievable.

“Twenty four weeks doing this, when you’ve 100 points and 86 currently… after what we’ve done last year, being at the final of the FA Cup, the team was unbelievable this year and that is why they do not need to show me their own personality.

“They [Tottenham] do not eliminate anything, we shed the Premier League now [if City lost].”

It had been far from a simple day for City, even though taking a fifth-minute direct against Tottenham.

Phil Foden was the guy who caught the critical goal – his first in the Premier League – but City survived many close calls throughout the match, with equally Lucas Moura and Heung-min Son having great attempts.

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They had a close call in the next period once the ball seemed to hit Kyle Walker’s hand at the box, but referee Michael Oliver chose to not provide a penalty.

The triumph signifies City now know they’re only possibly four wins away from regaining the Premier League title. Next up for Guardiola’s guys is a massive battle on Wednesday at Old Trafford to shoot on Manchester United.

The match is City’s closing assembly with any of those top-six sides and three factors could go a very long way in procuring City’s fourth Premier League title.

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