Manchester City news: Liverpool and Man City equally deserve to win the Premier League, hinting Pep Guardiola

Manchester City news: Liverpool and Man City equally deserve to win the Premier League, hinting Pep Guardiola

The prior Barcelona director insists either side on peak of the table deserve to win this season’s name after dominant showings all year

Pep Guardiola considers both Manchester City and Liverpool deserve to win the Premier League title this year.

Manchester City are next in the Premier League on 83 points with played 33 games. Liverpool are just two points ahead of these, but they’ve played one game more and have only four fittings left to perform with.

After confronting Tottenham from the Champions League on Wednesday, Guardiola’s guys have yet another tie with the very same competitions on Saturday, while the Reds travel to Cardiff to their match on Sunday.

City won the Premier League last year with a tally of 100 points, however, the season before the Chelsea won the league on 93 points that’s a tally either side could transcend and not be victorious.

“If we do not win those matches this week, then we lose both names,” explained Guardiola.

“This year we had an unbelievable competition in Liverpool. Normally 84, 85 points is sufficient to win the title. We deserve it but one can get it”

Guardiola’s thoughts were bolstered by guardian John Stones, who thinks this scenario will help to bring out the very best from the City players.

“Vincent Kompany created a fantastic point before Palace at which these kinds of minutes as gamers bring out the very best in us,” he explained.

“We’ve five games left in the league, everything to play for and we have got to keep thinking and enjoying the strain.”

But, the focus right now is on that the Champions League with City trying to overthrow a 1-0 first-leg defeat against Spurs.

And Guardiola, who’s in his third year in charge of City, is convinced that his side will function to their entire potential against Mauricio Pochettino’s guys.

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“I do not dream too much about matters far away. I would like to arrive at the semi-final,” he added. “Whatever happens tomorrow, next year we’ll be there again at the draw at Monaco at August.

“I understand how concentrated the gamers are. The urge to reach the semi-finals. Is it sufficient? I really don’t understand. 

“I got into the closing once with a single shooter on goal, and after I’d 33 shots on goal and did not. Soccer is that sport.”

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