Man Utd Transport news: Harry Maguire should await Manchester United move, says Robert Huth

Man Utd Transport news: Harry Maguire should await Manchester United move, says Robert Huth

The prior Foxes protector believes that a guy with much still to understand if bide his time before making the leap into an elite Premier League club

Harry Maguire was warned that leaving Leicester to get Manchester United will be”live or die”, with Roberth Huth calling on that the 26-year old to obtain more experience prior to making a move.

With the other move window coming, new rumours regarding a potential change to Old Trafford to an England global centre-half have surfaced.

Premier League title winner Huth isn’t surprised by this and admits the Foxes’ hand might have by a big-money bidding, but he believes that the timing is wrong to get a defender on a steep learning curve.

He advised that the Daily Star of this Maguire speculation:”In case you are Leicester and you are getting that cash provided, it is a tough one to say no to.

“I’d love to see him at Leicester, however, Manchester United is hard to turn down both financially and also the capability to win things.

“With [Brendan Rodgers], for another few years, I believe that the club is simply likely to go 1 way.

“Winning the name isn’t on the cards, but I would say to him perform yet another 100 matches for Leicester.

“eventually become a suitable, good centre-back with matches under your belt and everybody knows you are the big dog in the city.

“If you move to a large club, it will become a whole lot simpler.”

Huth understands all about life on top, having spent four years in Chelsea and got 19 caps for Germany, and he also thinks Maguire ought to be waiting at least another few seasons before trying to join an elite facet.

He included on a participant who just dedicated to some brand new five-year contract in September 2018:”If he can move to a larger club – a leading six or high four club – then finally it is a live or die moment.

“Mistakes do not happen at the top teams. You do have errors, of course, but they are very limited.

“You look at Virgil van Dijk and he is a monster of a player who simply does not make errors.

“Look at the men from Tottenham. 36 from 38 matches that they perform, they are like a 8 per week. They do not give away goals.

“In Leicester, it is possible to give a couple goals off and it will not be scrutinised as in a leading team.

“That is my argument. If he belongs to Man Utd – or some other shirt team – and leaves a error then it gets emphasized faster.

“That may then interfere with your performance and openness to learn from errors.

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“In Leicester they are likely to proceed:’OK let us learn from it’

“Only get another 60 or 100 matches for Leicester in which it is possible to iron out a few positional items or items which could possibly fail. Iron it out entirely.

“Then, once you’re 28, you have got four or five years to play in a top, top club”

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