Man Utd transfer information: Declan Rice urged to dismiss Red Devils attention and keep in West Ham

Man Utd transfer information: Declan Rice urged to dismiss Red Devils attention and keep in West Ham

The England international has been linked with a move to Old Trafford this summer following a breakthrough effort in the London Arena

West Ham academy trainer Carlton Cole considers Declan Rice will be rolling the dice with his upcoming advancement if he staged a move to Manchester United this summer.

Rice made his England debut last month later he switched his global allegiances in the Republic of Ireland, along with his amazing performances in the core of the West Ham midfield have fuelled rumours of a summer switch to Old Trafford.

Talking to Target because he hosted a football training camp in The Campus, Quinta do Lago in the Algarve, former West Ham striker Cole considers 20-year old Rice would be sensible to stay with the Hammers before his advancement is complete.

“I’d recommend to Declan to think twice about looking past West Ham in this phase in his profession,” Cole explained.

“He’d should remain where he’s for a couple of years because he’s one of the chief guys in the team which will not be true if he joins one of those clubs until he’s prepared for this.

“Declan is just 20 along with also the threat of earning a move today is that he can turn out to be only a few at a few of the greatest clubs and won’t realise his potential. He must learn his trade correctly and West Ham is the best point for him to do this.

“The best clubs may come calling if he’s playing and he’s done this year a couple of years later on, but this isn’t the time for him to visit Manchester United or someplace like that.

“Should you roll the clock forward a couple of years and he’s plenty of England caps under his belt after offering lots of fantastic service to West Ham, then I am convinced they’ll not stand in his way if a big club comes in for himbut it would be premature for him to make that move today.

“He has had one good season and let us wait and see where he’s in a couple of years time. Declan is a sensible lad and understands that leaving West Ham would be a danger for him.”

Rice failed to land a specialist contract in Chelsea after appearing through their childhood team setup, and Cole considers that chastening experience of rejection is standing him in good stead now.

“Declan Rice is a leading player and everything I enjoy about him is his own character,” added Cole. “He’s had to struggle for what he’s in his career up to now and that is going to keep him humble.

“Many gamers get their break in the Premier League in a young age, but Declan was rejected by Chelsea to get a professional contract had to get up himself from this setback to return back again.

“It was not a certainty he would receive his pro contract at West Ham, but he fought hard to do this and he got down his head and tried his very best. Look at where it’s taken him. He’s grown in stature and today he’s a full England international.

“Occasionally rejection at the beginning of your career may help. Declan had his fantasy defeated at Chelsea, but it left him more determined to return and establish himself and he’s done that today.

“He is a fantastic example of young and aspiring footballers who might find themselves at his place this summer. So many gamers are in academies in Premier League clubs, but a great deal of them will not make it into the initial team plus they must construct their livelihood after this disappointment.

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“You may have a fantastic career in the sport even when you’re not playing for a few of the best six teams at the Premier League and that I demonstrated when I left Chelsea and proceeded into West Ham, that was likely the best choice I made in my career”

Carlton Cole Quinto do Lago

Carlton Cole talked to Goal at The Campus, Quinta do Lago. More info here.

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