Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold open to midfield function like idol Gerrard

Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold open to midfield function like idol Gerrard

The youthful English defender is about to flaunt his positional flexibility with a Reds good to thank for his ability set

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold will be pleased to one day play in midfield, with modelled his match on club legend Steven Gerrard. 

Despite being set up as a right-back that the 21-year old has impressed at the attacking end, together with his 12 aids from the Premier League last year the most ever recorded in one effort by a guardian. 

With 2 assists and a target already to his name this year, Alexander-Arnold has shown his versatility in a young age and admits a upcoming move into midfield would not be past him.

“Clearly I am a guardian first and foremost, then I wish to attempt to assist the team generate opportunities,” Alexander-Arnold stated on Wednesday. 

“For today the supervisor has determined I am a proper back. That is where I will playwith. I am not fussed in which I perform.  I only wish to play with football.

“When a supervisor decides to work with me midfield, or as a centre-back or a striker then that is where I will play.”

Midfield looms as a true potential future destination for the 3 Lions guardian, who grew up idolising a specific midfield maestro. 

“[I modelled myself on] Gerrard, actually. Everything about his match I always dreamed. I studied him and wished to be like him” Alexander-Arnold explained.

“It is not that significant to compare because in a young age, you have not attained the things those kinds of players possess. It is hard to state whether you will or won’t. Who knows? 

“For today, it is all about having an open mind and needing to attain those kinds of levels, needing to be those kinds of players, needing to achieve the levels they have attained. 

“Being considered in precisely the exact same bracket as these is something the very best players need.”

It has been a whirlwind couple of years for Alexander-Arnold and that he was fast to cover charge to Reds director Jurgen Kloop because of his breakthrough. 

“Clearly with no that knows what would have happened. He is the one which’s given me the maximum chances, more than I could even request,” he explained.

“He has obviously put a great deal of faith and trust in me and I have attempted to repay him each time he has done that. Obviously a huge thanks for him and there will be four more years of success.”

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