Liverpool’s close calls do not negatively affect Manchester City, says Pep Guardiola

Liverpool’s close calls do not negatively affect Manchester City, says Pep Guardiola

The master trainer believes the outcomes of the title rivals don’t have an effect on that the team

Manchester City director Pep Guardiola insisted his quadruple-chasing team won’t be psyched from Liverpool in the race to the Premier League trophy.

City who have won the EFL Cup — reached the FA Cup final after edging Brighton and Hove Albion 1-0 in Wembley on Saturday since their pursuit for four trophies this year remained alive.

Guardiola’s City are next in the Premier League, two points behind Liverpool but with a game in hand following the Reds maintained a late 3-1 win over Southampton on Friday.

Asked the emotional effect on his players since Liverpool reluctantly pursue silverware despite having a combined run of recent form, Guardiola responded:”Zero.

“I believe maybe for them it’s better; however for us, zero. I understand Liverpool will win each of the matches.

“What happened is what happened. So to be winners we must win all the matches.”

City have two especially difficult fixtures to emerge in their past six league matches since they host Tottenham and duke it out with derby rivals Manchester United at Old Trafford.

While juggling their bidding for back-to-back Premier League names, City are planning to face Tottenham from the Champions League quarter-finals.

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Town can also be set to meet Wolves or Watford in the FA Cup decider following month and Guardiola added:”Can you think we could play with 60 games in a year and win 5-0 and have a fantastic performance in each match? Which team can do this?

“The teams to get trebles in different nations. I do not recall, I did not see, but I believe when Sir Alex Ferguson won the treble [with Manchester United in 1998-99], in this case not all of the matches were winning and fantastic five or four zero.

“Ordinarily the semi-finals, closing, are games in this way. You’re able to analyse just how many opportunities we produce, but folks expect from how great we are that we must score I do not understand how many objectives. In this match, in this particular job, it will not function in this manner.”

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