Liverpool vs Tottenham: James Milner desires salvation in Champions League final

Liverpool vs Tottenham: James Milner desires salvation in Champions League final

The Anfield midfielder is decided not to end the season after being pipped into the Premier League title by Manchester City

Liverpool midfielder James Milner claims that the club have a opportunity to redeem themselves at the Champions League final after missing on Premier League glory.

The Anfield side confront Tottenham at Madrid on June 1 decided to compensate to be pipped to the national name by Manchester City with some point.

Claiming the European summit are an ideal reply and Milner, 33, considers they deserve it following an impressive season where they fell just short in a thrilling race to the league crown.

“If you think about 30 wins from 38, at the onset of the year you want to believe that is good enough,” he told the club’s official site.

“But clearly that reveals how great Man Town are too. It is disappointing.

“We need to be proud of what we’ve attained. Regrettably, it is just brief, but what we did earlier in the week [versus Barcelona] gives us a opportunity to really go and redeem ourselves and receive a bit of silverware since I think everybody deserves a little silverware.”

Liverpool got the right to face Spurs using their magnificent comeback win over Barcelona in the next leg of their semi-final at Anfield.

Milner added:”What we have been through in the previous fourteen days from Barcelona off, placing on a very good functionality and shedding like we did, to visit Newcastle with a fast turnaround and grind out a result then clearly do exactly what we did at midweek then bounce back [at Wolves on the final day], realizing it had been out of our hands [but] to find that outcome – I have not got enough good words to say about the character inside the group, the capability and the mindset.”

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And Milner is eager to benefit Liverpool’s loyal support following the disappointment of missing on a primary name of this Premier League age by such a narrow margin.

“The fans were incredible annually,” he explained. “They have raised us when we have needed them, they have stuck with us if it has been tough in matches and just like I say, the boys deserve a little silverware, but the fans do also.”

Virgil van Dijk echoed Milner’s vision, stating:”We must appear on the optimistic side and remember we’re nevertheless in Madrid. Hopefully we can finish the season on quite top. That is what we will attempt to do.”

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