Liverpool news:’LeBron James & Anthony Joshua are my idols’ – Joe Gomez on mindset, positivity & fatherhood

Liverpool news:’LeBron James & Anthony Joshua are my idols’ – Joe Gomez on mindset, positivity & fatherhood

At the next portion of Goal’s exclusive meeting, the Reds protector explains why his prognosis on lifetime won’t ever be a negative one

Talking to Joe Gomez, there is 1 thing you learn fairly fast.

He does not conduct negativity.

“I am a strong believer in the concept that everything happens for a reason,” that the Liverpool defender informs Target , settling for a private, comprehensive interview on that the Reds’ tour of the USA. “I feel that is a fantastic way to be.”

Gomez, cerebral as he is, might have been forgiven for questioning that mantra in the last several decades. He is just 22, but he has had enough bad luck to endure a lifetime.

Well, not actually. Not if you ask the guy himself.

“Me? I am thankful,” he states. “I am not one to moan or dwell on things. I have had my fair share of drawbacks, yeah, but I am blessed, I actually am.

“it is a huge blessing just to have the ability to play with football, let alone play for a club like Liverpool. We’re fortunate to be in a position to do what we do, and we shouldn’t ever forget that.

“I give thanks daily for what I have. I know people who’ve had real bad luck, folks I played when I was younger in Charlton, folks I grew up together with whose lifestyles have gone down different avenues. They were not as lucky as me. You need to remain thankful, you need to always love what you have.

“When things aren’t going well, once you’re hurt and in rehabilitation, you are blessed. You are in a club like Liverpool together with the best amenities, the best remedy, the best staff, the best support. How can you not be grateful?”

Put simply, it is difficult to argue. 

Gomez is composed a talker as he’s a guardian, and he’s at a fantastic place at the moment. He is enjoying his football and he is embracing fatherhood; the birth of his son, Kyrie, arrived only days after Liverpool’s Champions League final win over Tottenham.

“It is true what they say, what changes!” he smiles. “But it is really the best experience, therefore, so particular. It is what life’s about, is not it?”

Additionally, it means Gomez can place his insecurities into perspective. 

He likely would have begun that the Champions League final had it not been because of the broken leg suffered in a struggle with Burnley’s Ben Mee back in December. He may have played at the 2018 variant, also, were it not for the ankle injury he picked up playing for England in a friendly in Amsterdam. “It was disappointing,” he states,”but that I had been buzzing for the boys too.”

And had he never ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament in an under-21 international only days following Jurgen Klopp’s appointment in 2015, then who knows where he’d be ? He would have over 66 looks for Liverpool and over seven caps for his country, that is for certain.

That is the past, however. The future is where it is at, and it’s a bright one. Gomez has appeared great for Liverpool in pre-season, sharp and powerful, focused and starving. Joel Matip performed tremendously last year and Dejan Lovren nevertheless has a large fan in Klopp, but it’s the Londoner who seems the ideal companion for Virgil van Dijk. The couple’s close connection off the area is represented by a solid comprehension on it. 

“it is a privilege for me to have someone like him about,” Gomez says. “I see him and learn from him every single day.”

Learning from people in the very top of the game has turned into something of a hobby for Gomez. His interests aren’t confined to football.

“I invest a good deal of time on YouTube,” he states. “It is really learning about individuals and their mindsets, what they are made of, and the way they push themselves, how they manage the ups and downs. 

“I believe in football, in game generally even, it is the greatest thing. Talent is 1 thing, but with that mindset to utilize to keep learning and improving, that is what sets the greats apart.”

What exactly does he respect afterward?

“I am in my NBA,” he states. “LeBron James, I adore him. He does lots of things for Uninterrupted, and I prefer to see that. I adore my boxing, Anthony Joshua is somebody I respect and look around. Athletics, I respect the coaching and the subject those men have to reveal. I enjoy seeing how folks use themselves to their game.”

Joshua, specifically, is an intriguing contrast. At the night Gomez became European champion, the British heavyweight king had been getting his crown ripped off by the unfancied Andy Ruiz Jr at New York. It had been one of boxing’s largest ever upsets.

“He will come back,” he states. “That is game; when you are up everybody adores you, and if you are down folks question you. But he knows he will be back, he’s got the mentality to get it done and also to prove everybody wrong again.

“I saw the documentary about his life and it is fantastic, I really like it.  It provides you a proper insight to what he is around. I have got enormous admiration for what he stands for, what he has achieved, it is unbelievable. That is exactly what I believe about mindset, about individuals who push themselves to accomplish their dreams”

Joe Gomez on Anthony Joshua 2019

Liverpool, Gomez indicates, are in the elite level today. Last year Klopp branded them”mindset giants”, a team that never knows when it is beaten. They are the winners of Europe, and nearly any other year they would have been winners of England too. It required a superhuman effort from Manchester City, who won their final 14 games in a row, to overhaul them.

Both seem set to fight it out this season. Pep Guardiola’s side supply formidable resistance but Liverpool have assurance. Unlike in prior decades, nobody Anfield is downplaying their opportunities.

“There is an opinion within the negative today,” Gomez says. “Now we have really won somethingwe feel as though’we could do so’. We actually feel it.

“I think there was a tiny sense of underdog status this past year, in the sense the City were there and had this type of staged standing. It is incredible what they have done the past few years. 

“You look at last year, they have won 14 matches in a row to win the jackpot. It is a joke! We were beforehand, but they won game after game, consistency, consistency, consistency.

“I believe we are different. There is a fighting spirit within us that’s allowed us to return in matches, grind out wins, which is given us tremendous belief. 

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“Likely a great deal of fans need to see money spent and big names coming from, but if you examine our team, everybody is committed. Have a look at the number of contracts which were signed at the past 12 months, examine the time of this team. We are here to remain.

“And if you have a look at all the various sections, the quality is not there. Coaching here was of an incredible standard, and we have Mo, Sadio, Bobby, Ali to return!

“Competition is great, but I feel that the squad has a fantastic balance also. The supervisor knows best, and when he is convinced in us then why should not we believe in ourselves?”

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