Lionel Messi Copa America rant: Argentina celebrity needs to have greater esteem, says Brazil coach Tite

Lionel Messi Copa America rant: Argentina celebrity needs to have greater esteem, says Brazil coach Tite

Brazil’s trainer believes Argentina’s celebrity required to reveal greater grace in defeat following his antics in the Copa America

Following Lionel Messi recently asserted the Copa America was setup for Brazil, Selecao trainer Tite has struck out in the Barcelona celebrity, claiming he wants to show more respect and take if he’s beaten. 

Having noticed Argentina drop to Brazil from the semi-finals, prior to being shipped off against Chile at a third-placed play-off, Messi indicated that the officials were favouring the championship hosts during. 

Brazil finally did assert their first Copa America because 2007 after beating Peru 3-1 in the final with their trainer announcing Messi was incorrect to throw any doubt over their success.  

“The one I handled as outstanding, as aliens, wants to have more respect and accept if he’s crushed,” Tite stated of Messi post-match.

“We had been hurt [by referees] in many matches.  We played honest against Argentina the entire time.  

“I’m being truthful. He put enormous pressure [on] due to his standing.” 

While miserable with Messi’s behavior, Tite did concede the captain should not have been shipped off from Chile.  

The 32-year old was included in a concrete market with Gary Medel from the first-half with the two display straight red cards.  

“He had been expelled in an unfair manner. It had been Medel,” Tite explained. “For himit was a yellow cardat maximum.” 

Brazil midfielder Casemiro was asked about Messi but played the Argentine’s remarks.  

“People that have a mouth talk what they desire,” the midfielder told reporters. 

“It is not my turn to talk. It is a delicate matter. 

After directing Brazil into silverware on dwelling land, Tite is your first manager to win the Copa America, the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana. 

Dani Alves, who had been voted player of the championship, was filled with praise for the Selecao coach. 

“The captain of the ship is Tite,” Alves said. “us and to our folks. I repeat, congratulations to our team. 

“Playing at the Maracana is obviously very special. It’s our property.” 

Alves also talked up on Messi, telling reporters:”I do not agree with what Messi stated, we’ve worked hard to become winners.

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“We sweat a great deal. I can know that Messi is angry, but I do not agree that it had been put up since we sweat a whole lot to find this.”

Messi meanwhile needed another tournament to overlook with Argentina with  CONMEBOL also asserting his accusations of favouritism lacked admiration. 

The Barcelona legend refused to take his own third-place trophy on Saturday since he announced the Copa America was tainted. 

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