Lazio enthusiast racism: Ultras hang pro-Mussolini banner and misuse Bakayoko

Lazio enthusiast racism: Ultras hang pro-Mussolini banner and misuse Bakayoko

The air grew ugly before Wednesday night’s Coppa Italia semi-final next leg at Milan

Many fans of Lazio hung a banner Benito Mussolini and chanted racial abuse in AC Milan’s Tiemoue Bakayoko before Wednesday night’s Coppa Italia match. 

Both teams fulfilled at San Siro to the next leg of the cup , and the air remained ugly in Milan before kick-off. 

A bunch of Lazio ultras introduced a banner which read”Honour to Benito Mussolini” and conducted fascist salutes near the Piazzale Loreto, the Milan square where the fascist dictator was implemented in 1945. 

The screens happened only 1 day prior to a Italian national holiday where the nation celebrates the conclusion of Nazi-fascism.

Matteo Salvini, the deputy prime minister of Italy released a statement on Twitter stating:”No tolerance for any kind of violence, whether verbal or physical. I invite the police force that are carefully monitoring the circumstance.

“Football has to be an event to observe and match up, not of brawls and clashes.”

However, the ugly scenes will last in front of this game, together with Lazio fans participating in racist chants aimed at Bakayoko beyond the gates of the San Siro. 

People chants would last while gamers were warming up within the floor, where many inflatable bananas were seen too. 

Milan fans in the stadium reacted to the chants using tunes of their own in service of Bakayoko. 

Following the match, which Lazio won 1-0, the team condemned the behavior of a few of its fans, but also hit out at the press for lumping a”couple” in with the remainder of this team’s fans. 

“SS Lazio clearly distances itself out of behaviors and demonstrations which don’t signify in any way the worth of game as sustained and encouraged by the team 119 decades,” said the announcement.

“Plus it rejects and disputes that the simplistic tendency of a media to contemplate the total Lazio supporter base collectively accountable for functions carried out by some, for reasons that have nothing to do with athletic enthusiasm.

“The team has ever fought for respect for the law enforcement and proper conduct.”

The events in Milan come only 1 week after Lazio fans were filmed chanting racist abuse in Bakayoko throughout Lazio’s 2-0 win over Udinese in the Stadio Olimpico.

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