Lampard: Raw talent James will turn into a large player for Chelsea

Lampard: Raw talent James will turn into a large player for Chelsea

The Blues teenager is starting to make an impact after being contained in his director’s youth revolution in west London

Frank Lampard lauded Reece James on his first start for Chelsea in the Premier League since he chosen for the 19-year old club captain Cesar Azpilicueta from Crystal Palace.

James dealt well with Palace’s celebrity player Wilfried Zaha since Chelsea won 2-0 from the London derby in Stamford Bridge, thanks to goals in Tammy Abraham and Christian Pulisic.

Lampard gave James his beginning after being amazed with the adolescent’s training performances and exhibits off the seat, including the one against Ajax where he obtained the equalising goal at a 4-4 Champions League thriller.

The academy graduate currently looms as Chelsea’s potential right-back, according to his supervisor.

“He has the skills to go very, very much better. It is difficult to cap or not cap it, but what I find from him in training, I found it at Wigan,” Lampard told reporters. “Jody and Joe know him from the childhood teams here and talk highly of him of abilities.

“I watched it last year and I am seeing it today in training. When you see seasoned players admire young players that come train together and see the caliber, it is almost always a fantastic sign. I have got tremendous belief he can go as far as he wishes to go from the match.

“I have seen much improvement. His raw talent and capability was there to view now. This is simply the beginning of the narrative. There’s a whole lot more to add to this. He is likely to become a big, big player for this club.

“Right-back are his favorite position. Whether right-back, or wing-back, or from three centre backs, which are his perfect position. Right now as he is coming to the team, you will see him , however, he does possess that organic round game he can manage playing and at midfield, if need be.

“In the moment we have got great players in there which are utilised to playing there but he can always do this as his profession evolves.”

The Blues began with the youngest team of any Premier League side from the first kick-off on Saturday from Palace.

James is a participant that Lampard admired because he had been accountable in Derby County, where he attempted to ditch the guardian’s Wigan Athletic loan in January, just for the child to reject him to be able to repay the faith shown in him by the Lancashire club.

Palace are admirers of both James and attempted to signal him to substitute Aaron Wan-Bissaka after he signed for Manchester United this summer. Hodgson confessed that James’ screen was striking up against his very best player.

“I believed it was a fantastic battle,” Hodgson said at Stamford Bridge. “Reece James has to be quite happy with himself. He is playing with such a dangerous competition in his early start at the Premier League following his outstanding performance on Tuesday night after he arrived in.

“He’s got to be thrilled playing at home against a participant of Zaha’s quality. He made life quite hard for Wilf so congratulations to him”

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James’ good shape can result in Chelsea benching their captain often in future as Willian took the armband in the absence of Azpilicueta and Lampard is happy to have choices throughout his backline as rivalry at full-back heats up.

“He [Azpilicueta] took it as I believed he would, as a ideal professional,” Lampard added. “It wasn’t a issue. He would like to perform, clearly, he can, but he understands the standard of Reece and that through the lengthy course of this season, not only for Azpi but for each position, there’s a great deal of change.

“Azpi had played every second of each game this year, barring the EFL Cup. So I really don’t believe it had been the worst for me personally to have a break. We have massive games coming up after the break”

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