Juventus news: Roberto Mancini urges Serie A to’get tough’ on racism after’unacceptable’ Moise Kean misuse

Juventus news: Roberto Mancini urges Serie A to’get tough’ on racism after’unacceptable’ Moise Kean misuse

The Italy manager jumped into the defence of this 19-year old whilst insisting Leonardo Bonucci had been”misunderstood” in his contentious response

Italy head coach Roberto Mancini has clarified the alleged racist misuse of Moise Kean as”improper” but considers the remarks of his team-partner Leonardo Bonucci have been”misunderstood”.

Kean’s fine screen on his side’s 2-0 Serie A win against Cagliari on Tuesday was overshadowed by allegations of racist chanting from the 19-year old, who scored Juve’s next aim.

The Italy international renowned his late attack facing Cagliari’s supporters amid continuing abuse, also Bonucci said following the game that Kean must take some of the attribute for those taunts since he incited the house audience.

Bonucci’s global team-partner Mario Balotelli responded strongly to his remarks, composing on Kean’s Instagram article:”Bravo! And inform Bonucci that he is lucky I was not there. Rather than protecting you he does this? Wow, I’m honestly shocked.”

The Italy defender later explained his remarks through social networking, stating that he had been”too hasty” in expressing his ideas and”firmly condemned racism”.

Mancini believes Bonucci’s first response was misinterpreted and is worried the fallout from it’s overshadowing the alleged behavior of Cagliari’s fans.

“The mindset used against Kean was improper,” he told reporters.

“Racist behavior has to be stigmatised so it may be no longer. Positions have to be obtained. We have to likewise be tough in order that these things stop happening.

“Kean’s a boy. Perhaps next time he will not observe such as he did, but he felt in distress.

“I believe Bonucci was also misunderstood. Now it would appear that the significant thing was that the controversy involving Balotelli and Bonucci, rather than what occurred on the area.

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“We have to make sure that these things do not happen again. In terms of the federal team, we will see if we predict all three up”

Italy’s next fixture is a Euro 2020 qualifier against Greece on June 8, and this will be followed later with another Group J fight against Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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