Juventus news: Bonucci’s response to Moise Kean racist abuse is equally as barbarous as the monkey chants – Thuram

Juventus news: Bonucci’s response to Moise Kean racist abuse is equally as barbarous as the monkey chants – Thuram

The centre-back has given apologied for his remarks however, a World Cup winner insists that he never should have left them at the first place

Lilian Thuram has criticised Leonardo Bonucci’s”black” remarks after Moise Kean was supposedly racially abused during Juventus’ triumph over Cagliari on Tuesday.

Kean was the goal of jeers and whistles during the competition in the Sardegna Arena and celebrated his own target, which secured a 2-0 win, in the front of the home fans with his arms outstretched.

Following Kean’s gesture, the goalscorer and Juve’s Franch midfielder Blaise Matuidi were clearly angered and a statement was made in the scene to frighten fans against offensive behavior.

The Italy striker afterwards posted a picture of his party on Instagram using the caption”The very best way to react to racism”, while he obtained assistance from team-mates and many gamers throughout the world.

But, Bonucci found himself the target of criticism for originally asserting that the attribute has been”50-50″ involving the lovers and Kean, who he believed had incited the fans.

He then sought to explain his remarks, saying that he had been”too hasty” in expressing his ideas and”firmly condemned racism”.

Former Juve defender Thuram, however, considers Bonucci’s first reaction was equally as detrimental as the misuse Kean obtained from the racks.

Talking to Le Parisien, the World Cup winner said:”If you consider it,” Kean’s very own team-partner says he warrants these shouts of fighter, also that the lovers can last!

“Bonucci’s response is as barbarous as the monkey chants.

“Bonucci isn’t stupid. Bonucci’s remarks are simply shameful. We have to concur on racism.”

Thuram also condemned the absence of activity from football’s governing bodies, indicating if they didn’t take a milder stand gamers will continue to be targeted.

“Can the referee stop the game? Has anything been done? We’re in complete hypocrisy,” he added. “This was moving on for several years. Everybody says we will halt the game following time and it doesn’t occur. 

“The monitoring is the football governments don’t care. When it actually bothered them, the game would have been ceased, consider me. The teams could have abandoned the area and we’d have found a solution.”

However Thuram is eager to worry racism isn’t only a difficulty Serie A should tackle.

“You shouldn’t deceive yourself,” he explained. “That is more observable in the stadiums, but the inherent problem of racism isn’t restricted to stadiums or even Italy alone.

“[Raheem] Sterling has struck issues elsewhere than in Italy, right?”

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