Jurgen Klopp considers Napoli can raise Champions League title after Liverpool reduction

Jurgen Klopp considers Napoli can raise Champions League title after Liverpool reduction

The Reds boss wasn’t in a fantastic mood after Tuesday’s defeat within their European opener, but believes their competitors could win the contest

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp states Napoli could win the Champions League, while still financing up the Reds to bounce back from their opening defeat at the contest.

Defending champions Liverpool were defeated 2-0 by hosts Napoli at a contentious Group E opener on Tuesday.

Dries Mertens transformed an 82nd-minute punishment following Jose Callejon seemed to return beneath nominal entrance from Andy Robertson in Stadio San Paolo, in which the referee’s decision was ratified by means of a VAR test, and Fernando Llorente secured the win in stoppage time.

Klopp, whose side lost 1-0 to Napoli in last year’s group stage, was frustrated with the punishment decision later and if asked about the Champions League odds of Carlo Ancelotti’s side, he also explained:”They could win the contest, that is how it is.

“In case you’ve got a fantastic strategy, when you’ve got good players, that is exactly what they have, then they could win the contest. We experienced that you don’t need to be the finest team on earth to win the Champions League.

“You need to be in the ideal moment, you have to be blessed in certain situations and if there is just two men in the area that believe it is a punishment which you still need to accept that is a punishment, but that is all. They could win the contest, naturally.”

Klopp was pushed as to if Napoli were finished stronger than Liverpool because of Serie A beginning later than the Premier League, and the German wasn’t pleased.

“Tonight, the queries are a struggle, to tell the truth,” Klopp said. “I believe that the man from Sky Italia asked me told me Napoli was better . I didn’t find that match, so I really don’t know precisely where he was once the match occurred.

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“But you say we’re exhausted. Who’d the cramps? Who was on the floor? Liverpool gamers or Napoli gamers? Following the 2-0 they seemed fresher than people, following the 1-0 they seemed fresher than people — that is normal. You own a boost. But there was not any fresher team on the pitch. There was not any physical difficulty aside from the standard physical issues in a match such as this, which is quite extreme [because] equally teams battle hard and all that stuff. It is not a physical issue tonight.

“We must complete off the situations. Just how everybody is in existence, you want positive minutes and you are able to run indefinitely. We did not have very positive minutes tonight. They clearly got the second atmosphere, so that they can go again. That is normal, but this wasn’t the motive.”

Klopp added:”I expect it [the result] isn’t decisive. Give us a couple more matches to alter the table. At the present time it resembles Napoli’s through, but we will be enjoying. We won’t stop.”

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