‘It is impossible’ -‘ Pep Guardiola admits there’s’no way’ he will fit Hodgson’s longevity

‘It is impossible’ -‘ Pep Guardiola admits there’s’no way’ he will fit Hodgson’s longevity

Roy Hodgson is still going strong at 71 however Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has zero urge to follow his colleague example.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola considers it would not be possible for him to emulate Crystal Palace counterpart Roy Hodgson and stay football direction before the era of 71.

Hodgson and Palace perform host into Guardiola’s guys on Sunday, a bit more than two hours prior to Premier League leaders Liverpool welcome Chelsea into Anfield.

The race to its 2018-19 name seems set to move down to the wire along with also the reigning champions will probably be cautious before the trip to Selhurst Park, using lost 3-2 at home to Palace before Christmas.

Hodgson has since become the oldest person to control a team at a Premier League fixture, but Guardiola has no desire to stay in the game anywhere near as long as the former England boss.

“Within my own case? No way. It is hopeless. Roy Hodgson enjoys it, it is outstanding. When that occurs, it is because he’s got the fire in himself,” that the 48-year old told a news conference. “It is wonderful to see him on Sunday.

“I’m curious to do anything else before I expire. I really like my job, but I’m constantly thinking to do something different. There’s my wife and loved ones also. 71? No way.

“You need to get a distinctive energy and I believe 71 – except Roy Hodgson – others can’t do it.

“No. I’m 48, therefore 71? ) It has several years [away]. I really don’t feel like this and I do not have plans. I understand that life is determined the majority of the time. 

“I’ll do anything else. I am interested to seenot all of my time will soon be on the seat. My 10 seasons are trying, demanding, amazing. I could not anticipate in my fantasies how great it’s been and there’ll be a couple more years. I need to experience something else although maybe not [wait] before [I’m] 71.”

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Guardiola has developed a reputation as something of an obsessive during a trophy-laden managerial career with Barcelona, Bayern Munich and today City, however, the Catalan still seems to unwind every time possible, for this weekend’s Masters tournament at Augusta allowing him the chance to temporarily indulge in his passion for golf.

“If we play with Tuesday and Sunday we’ve got just one day off. You operate a half-day and go home, see occasionally the Experts,” he explained.

“Nothing particular, I remain here with my loved ones. I really don’t have a lot of time, we’ve got busy fittings and a great deal of games so that I do not have a lot of time.”

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