‘It was a red card’ – Hughton considers Walker must have been shipped

‘It was a red card’ – Hughton considers Walker must have been shipped

Kyle Walker was just shown a yellow card afterwards transferring his mind towards Alireza Jahanbakhsh – a conclusion Chris Hughton disagreed with.

Chris Hughton was defeated Manchester City’s Kyle Walker wasn’t sent off at the first half of Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final as Brighton and Hove Albion were defeated 1-0 at Wembley.

Gabriel Jesus scored after only four minutes, but the tie may have turned into Brighton’s favour had Walker been shown a red card before the period.

The England full-back was included in a heated confrontation with Alireza Jahanbakhsh and seemed to transfer his mind to the Brighton forward. VAR looked in the episode but didn’t advocate that referee Anthony Taylor updated a yellow card into crimson.

Having seen the replay, Hughton thought Walker must have been disregarded, implying different gamers are sent for similar events before.

“In my view, it was a red card,” he told a news conference. “We ask players to become honest and Alireza does not create a major meal .

“When I have a look at the activity, which I’ve done, there could have been many circumstances where that specific same activity would have got someone a red card. I believe there was enough force at the activity to justify that.”

On using VAR from the semi-final, Hughton added:”I believe we are at the point now where everyone is pushing for this. I am probably one that’s been converted a small bit. I am still unsure how much it is going to take .

“I am even more disappointed that this was VAR. Everyone is going to have a different view and I am just giving you my view – I have seen it on three or four times.”

Apart from the first-half controversy, even however, Hughton was pleased of a Brighton screen which may have been rewarded with something much more concrete than City’s plaudits’d Aymeric Laporte not brilliantly cleared from in front of his own goal line.

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“I understand [City] had half-chances with the caliber they have got, but I am trying hard to think of a definite possibility – I do not believe that’s happened to them several times this year,” he explained.

“Especially after moving behind so early in the match, I can not imagine there were too many in the scene which didn’t feel a second and a third was forthcoming.

“We regrouped and came right into what I believed – for our degree and also for what we are – was a great game. We had opportunities. Nearly all them were set plays, but we had been forceful enough to receive them.”

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