Gold Cup final: Missed opportunities, unsuccessful subs doom USMNT since Berhalter fails first major test

Gold Cup final: Missed opportunities, unsuccessful subs doom USMNT since Berhalter fails first major test

The U.S. group enjoyed a promising first half, but could not capitalize and faded badly as Mexico took charge with second-half masterpiece

Gregg Berhalter needed to be delighted with his own team walking to the locker room at halftime. His feelings in the conclusion of the game were another story entirely. 

The U.S. nationwide team played with a very good first half against Mexico in Sunday’s Gold Cup final, producing the dangerous possibilities and neutralizing El Tri’s attacking players. What the Americans did not do is complete their opportunities, which spelled doom to them if the next half wore on and Mexican started to take control. 

Since the Americans disappeared, the Mexicans grew more powerful. Rodolfo Pizarro, Jonathan dos Santos and Raul Jimenez started to inflict themselves while Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley Christian and tired Pulisic and Weston McKennie watched their sway on the game decrease. With no quartet, also with Berhalter’s replacements failing to supply any kind of effect, a Mexico success grew increasingly unavoidable because the second half went on. 

The annoying part for the USMNT is that Mexico was ripe for the shooting at the first half, together with Altidore overlooking a clear ancient opportunity and Pulisic with his own likelihood denied with a Guillermo Ochoa rescue. Paul Arriola also found himself having an chance to start the scoring after rushing into conquer Ochoa into a chunk, but his luck floated wide of the mark. 

Since the misses piled up, the window of opportunity started to shut for the Americans, as powerful as they were at the first half, so claiming that amount was not likely to become possible. Altidore and Bradley were exceptional at the first half, however, the work they put in that first 45 moments was always going to be impossible for them to replicate in the next frame. 

Berhalter did not have a lot of choice except to replace Altidore together with the unsuccessful Gyasi Zardes, who never discovered the match, but his following two subs did little to assist the U.S. cause. Cristian Roldan substituted Jordan Morris only after the hour mark, a movement Berhalter clarified after the game as being driven by the demand for his team to obtain more possession. The Americans did not get more of the ball, however, nor did they create opportunities. 

Berhalter’s choice to depart Tyler Boyd on the seat was a surprising one given the fact his team had a target, but the choice to use his closing substitution on Daniel Lovitz felt like a concession of defeat as opposed to a last gasp effort to grab an equalizer.

Berhalter pointed to a need for a support, and also the expectation which Lovitz would supply it, but substitution also missed the mark. 

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Rather, the closing 20 moments of Sunday’s closing felt like a coronation for El Tri, instead of the and aggressive closing we had been treated to at the first half. That half of activity was entertaining and teams revealed an eagerness to assault. The pro-Mexico audience at Soldier Field was treated to great combat, at least for a half. The second half was Mexico. 

This Mexico won the Gold Cup was not all that unexpected. El Tri entered the championship as favorites, and boasted the more experienced and more powerful team, despite so a lot of its celebrities overlooking. Why is Sunday’s loss unsatisfactory for the Americans is that they put together an outstanding first half which would have paved the way to get a triumph, but they did not deliver. 

Sunday’s closing was a brutal, but desired lesson for a young team, along with a comparatively young trainer. Both abandoned Soldier Field understanding they might have done better.  The expectation for the USMNT is those courses result in some far better ready team next time they perform in a major match, and the next time they confront their arch rival. 

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