‘Eduardo’s was a limb-threatening accident’ – former Arsenal physio Gary Lewin

‘Eduardo’s was a limb-threatening accident’ – former Arsenal physio Gary Lewin

Gary and Colin Lewin spent two years working at Arsenal – today the cousins are back together again after launching the Lewin Sports Injury Clinic

Only four minutes had gone after Martin Taylor clattered to Eduardo in Birmingham at February 2008 and inflicted an accident that stays fresh in the mind of everyone in Arsenal over a decade afterwards.

The appearance on Cesc Fabregas’ face as he glanced down at his stricken team-partner said everything.

He instantly screamed for Gary Lewin, the Arsenal physio, but at the time Lewin had nearly reached the Croatian striker, whose fibula had fractured immediately.

“Your coaching takes ,” said Lewin. “The very first issue to consider is whether it is either a life threatening or limb-threatening injury. With Eduardo it was evident that it was a limb-threatening injury.

“You then proceed through the process of stabilising and immobilising the harm, working out the way you will remove them off the pitch at the best manner and controlling the pain”

Eduardo was medicated for almost 10 minutes prior to being stretchered off. At the point Gary’s project had ended and it was time to get his younger cousin Colin, that was also a part of their Arsenal medical team in St Andrew’s, to shoot over.

He left the scene with all the striker, travelling to hospital from the ambulance along with the paramedics.

“It was February 23, 2008,” remembers Colin. “I could not tell you that the dates of any cup type, but I could let you know that the date of Eduardo’s harm.

“We had been lucky that day the hospital that they took us was Selly Oak in Birmingham, that’s where all of the army return to if they endure their horrible war accidents.

“So there was that horrible ankle on the mattress and the surgeon came in and was quite flippant at exactly what he had been looking at. ‘Do not be concerned about that, we will find that done tonight’ he explained.

“We might have been in any hospital in the world, but we only happened to be taken into Selly Oak daily.”

What occurred that day from the Midlands was only 1 case of Gary and Colin Lewin functioning collectively.

The cousins spent over a decade working in co at Arsenal until Gary proceeded on to combine England on a fulltime foundation, together with Colin substituting him head physio in the Emirates Stadium.

Today, over 10 years after, they’re together again, together with the group opening a brand new sports injury clinic in Hainault, Essex.

“Though we have worked all our period football, which does not mean we have not worked in different areas of sport medicine,” explained Gary.

“That which we actually do not need is somebody to believe that is really a football clinic, it is not. It is a sports injury clinic which covers a variety of sports medicine.

“That is our practice and we are working inside. That is what we’re trying to get across, it is me and Colin working here and we’ll be providing the support for people who play with weekend game.”

Housed on the ground floor in 65 New North Road, the Lewin Sports Injury Clinic is purpose-built and gives the most recent rehab and sports medicine equipment.

Aaron Ramsey and Petr Cech are shareholders, while former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein and Dick Law, who invested 10 years functioning as Arsenal’s transfer and contract negotiator under Arsene Wenger before returning to America in 2018, happen to be advisers on the undertaking.

Wenger himself has also had substantial input

“The very first thing to state is Dick was brilliant,” explained Colin. “Our small business brain was not the biggest between us and Dick helped us out of the beginning and continues to be great.

Dick Law

“There has been a lot of an hour on the telephone into Texas talking through company plans and several other bits and pieces. It has been really great of Dick to do that.

“And Arsene was constantly encouraging us. He is clearly quite good friends with David Dein so was hearing it through him and Dick. He gave us different pieces of information on the way”

Gary added:”Arsene’s phrases were’why would not you do it together with all the expertise and knowledge you have obtained?’ .

“That gave us the confidence to press ahead. Then David and Dick’s participation on the true planning side of this gave us the bases of a company we could firstly comprehend and could really visualise where it’d match.”

The practice was open for 3 months and, for the two cousins, functioning out of a rigorously football surroundings has taken some getting used to.

Colin left Arsenal in May 2018 later he had been sacked, a determination that suddenly stopped his 23-year institution with the team.

His abrupt departure came through a major revamp in the Emirates after the statement that Wenger will be stepping down.

“We went into with no idea it was going to take place,” explained Colin. “Arsenal at the time needed a high-profile manager [Darren Burgess] who’d been brought from Australia the summertime. He made a choice to make a few changes.

“Therefore it came as a surprise. I had been gone and that I had three really good physios working with me that were advised to apply for a single job. Two of these told the team to poke it and also the 1 fella who got the job by default ended up leaving a couple weeks then.

Colin Lewin Arsenal Theo Walcott

“So yes it was a jolt. I didn’t see it coming in any way.”

Colin added:”I found it quite hard initially. The initial two Premier League matches of the new year I saw at a tiny bar in Portugal sat at the corner on my own since I simply didn’t know exactly what to do.

“It was a dreadful feeling after so very long to need to see a match rather than be involved with it. It took me quite a longtime to return to needing to see Arsenal again, though I had no ill feelings besides one or two people, who have now left.”

Gary abandoned West Ham less than fourteen days after Colin was fired from Arsenal.

The 55-year old had spent a year in the London Stadium after departing his function inside the England set up, where he’d become the Football Association’s mind of physiotherapy services.

Gary worked at five World Cups during this time, such as in 2014 if a bizarre episode in Brazil watched him famously wind up in the treatment room himself.

Daniel Sturridge had only scored to draw England degree against Italy in their opening group game of the contest and also, in the parties that followedLewin’s left foot slid to a gap between the astroturf across the specialized area and the pitch itself.

His ankle dislocated and he smashed the fibula in 2 areas, fractured the rear of the tibia and ruptured the fascia between the two bones.

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“When I looked down my ankle was 90 levels,” he explained. “It was a substantial injury.

“The largest difficulty I had was that my wife was at home watching it on that the TV and thought I had had a cardiac arrest. I needed to call home to let her know she would set the insurance policies off and I was still living.”

* To learn more about the Lewin Sports Injury Clinic or to request an appointment, see www.lewinclinic.co.uk or telephone 0208 070 7777.

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