Champions League news: Final will be Man Town vs Barcelona, forecasts Per Mertesacker

Champions League news: Final will be Man Town vs Barcelona, forecasts Per Mertesacker

The former Arsenal defender tipped Pep Guardiola’s guys to return to beat Tottenham and backed them to win the Premier League

Per Mertesacker considers Manchester City will be victorious in their Champions League quarter-final with Tottenham and move on to fulfill Barcelona in the closing.

The reigning Premier League winners went down 1-0 for their national competitions from the first leg but welcome Mauricio Pochettino’s guys to the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday.

While former Arsenal and Germany defender Mertesacker is convinced City can finish a comeback this week, he doesn’t expect the same of the town rivals Manchester United, that course Barcelona 1-0 before Tuesday’s match at Camp Nou.

“Can Pep nevertheless understand how to be successful at the Champions League? Obviously he will and City will advance,” he informed Goal. “When City perform with the second leg in the home and also the team possess the feeling they must compensate for something, that is if they perform best.

“Plus, Spurs always had enormous issues in Manchester and obtained some heavy beats. I really don’t anticipate that today, however they will certainly overlook Harry Kane. City have the significant objective to win the Champions League and that I do not believe Tottenham will spoil this. I really feel the closing would be Man City vs Barcelona.”

The 34-year old can also be convinced in Liverpool’s capacity to guard their 2-0 aggregate lead within Porto if they meet again in Portugal, however he considers Jurgen Klopp’s team are too extreme to remain in the struggle with City for its Premier League crown.

“Liverpool and Klopp have a had a particular journey so much and that travel absolutely requires achievement,” he added.  “They have had a wonderful time and have kept up with Man Town — the finest team at England.

“I rely a lot on Liverpool in the Champions League, since in Jazz matches they’re able to bring this strength in their game. Also I’m convinced of Klopp’s abilities as a motivator. He can create the gamers much more hungry in such games.

“From the Premier League I would rather go with City. Liverpool’s extreme fashion makes it problematic for me to see them battling for the name until the ending.”

Mertesacker says there might be one jolt on the cards at the Champions League, however, together with Ajax and Juventus degree at 1-1 before meeting again in Turin.

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However, the existence of five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo will tip the scale at the side’s favour.

“I believe there might be another surprise, however, I anticipate the Ronaldo thing to become critical in the end,” he explained.  “Nevertheless, Juventus weren’t overly experienced for Ajax.

“Ajax’s serene means of playing can be extremely harmful for Juve. Ajax certainly have an opportunity away from house and Juve understand that. Real Madrid’s departure is a fantastic warning. I anticipate Juve to shield deep, while Ajax lacked any patience at the last third in the very first game. They have to improve in that region.”

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