Bundesliga news:’Thomas Tuchel thought in me’ – Bayer Leverkusen signing Moussa Diaby credits PSG boss with quick growth

Bundesliga news:’Thomas Tuchel thought in me’ – Bayer Leverkusen signing Moussa Diaby credits PSG boss with quick growth

The 20-year old claims that the former Dortmund manager wanted him to remain in France and guaranteed him more playing with PSG

Bayer Leverkusen signing Moussa Diaby​ has imputed Paris Saint-Germain boss Thomas Tuchel together with his quick rise to the Bundesliga giants. 

The 20-year old saw limited playing with PSG under former manager Unai Emery, but had something of a breakout effort under Tuchel last year with the French team, scoring twice 24 Ligue 1 looks as they cruised to the name. 

Diaby made the leap into the Bundesliga to perform Bayer Leverkusen this summer, however, says with no hope of the former Borussia Dortmund boss he wouldn’t have managed to take another step in his career so fast. 

“Thomas Tuchel desired me to remain. He promised me I would grow well under him and he would provide me enough playing time,” he informed Target and SPOX.

“Everything has arrived, even with a number of other young players also. It wasn’t enough for all to be a regular starter, however, it’s been rather different under Unai Emery before.

“Tuchel thought in me from the start. Without him, I’d not have forced it Leverkusen and the Bundesliga so quickly.”

And, despite departing PSG for Germany, Diaby considers that Tuchel has exactly what is needed to direct PSG to glory in the not too distant future. 

“I had been and am passionate about Tuchel. He’s a really friendly and nice, but also incredibly ambitious trainer. He clearly enjoys working with young players and making them better. He approached the boys, daily.

“I enjoyed how he led the team. He places a whole lot of focus on technical training, and it has introduced excellent training exercises and instruction techniques that have previously been proven in Paris.

“That gave us lots of pleasure and assisted the club a good deal in my own opinion. He wants to reach a whole lot with PSG in most contests, that is for certain. I can only say fantastic things about him.”

Diaby states he might have liked to remain with PSG, however, he believed that he had reached an age where he had to play regularly to keep his development. 

“I would also prefer to have remained in Paris – but my odds would have needed to enhance considerably,” he explained. “I’m a young player who desperately needs to perform frequently.

“I wish to improve as quickly as possible. Thus, I have looked everywhere and didn’t need another loan.

“I wanted to visit some team that, such as PSG, has lots of attacking ownership, has powerful players and provides me the chance to be a regular starter shortly. I’d have needed to wait around for this in Paris – likely too long.

“Leverkusen provides me amazing opportunities in this respect, and in a leading German club which plays in the Champions League.”

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The Bundesliga side compensated 15 million (#13m/$17m) for Diaby’s providers, but the winger says instead of being intimidated from the expectations that come from such a hefty price tag, he’s pleased to be valued so highly. 

“The transfer fee makes me joyful, since it’s also for Leverkusen that a very large transfer,” he explained. “I expect I can justify this level with great performances, so that one day that the club and its fans could be proud of me.

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“I feel no pressure. Additionally, I’m not a PSG superb gift, but among those who’ve been educated in Paris.

“However, I know that if a participant varies from PSG into Leverkusen, that is something special and might activate some hype from the media. Just as you generally change from Paris just to an even larger club.

“However, as I said, I’m a young player, I’m convinced of the route and think that Leverkusen was the ideal option for me personally.”

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