Arsenal news: Patrick Vieira endorsed by Arsene Wenger to become near Gunners boss

Arsenal news: Patrick Vieira endorsed by Arsene Wenger to become near Gunners boss

A former former Gunners manager considers a player he assisted to develop into a modern-day legend is destined to return to north London at a certain point

Arsene Wenger considers Patrick Vieira is destined to come back to Arsenal in a managerial capacity at a certain point later on.

The prior Gunners midfielder is now taking in the next challenge of a promising training career.

Having accepted on a childhood -team job at Manchester City upon hanging up his boots, Vieira chose a first mature post in MLS with New York City.

Then he returned to his native France in the summer of 2018 in Nice.

Vieira has impressed during his introduction effort in Ligue 1 and has been endorsed to replicate his own playing achievement for a boss.

He’s been charged as a possible successor to Didier Deschamps together with the World Cup-winning France nationwide side after a former team-partner walks from Les Bleus.

Wenger, however, feels that club football will hold more charm, using a iconic former Arsenal manager visiting a guy he moulded into among the finest on earth back in north London when a second change was made in Emirates Stadium.

“I see him because the Arsenal coach one day since I think he’s too young to move into global football,” a guy who appreciated Premier League and FA Cup successes with Vieira in the core of his Gunners side told Canal Football Club.

“I believe his life will undergo club football. He’s assembled his livelihood and patiently.

“He left when he was young, he moved into New York, he’s currently in Nice and he’s taken time to grow and understand his profession.

“And something that you can not give: he’s a natural charm, he’s equally tasteful and authoritative.

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“He’s passed through a tricky time at Nice but he showed no signs of weakness.

“It’s in times of emergency you find the trainer.”

Vieira has Nice pushing to get a top-half ending in Ligue 1, together with his attempts having noticed him overshadow those of ex-Arsenal colleague Thierry Henry who continued a matter of weeks at a post at fighting Monaco after choosing to start his own managerial career in France.

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